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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 28, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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vets paired up with resources. >> what is on "redeye". >> greg gutfeld guests, jimmy mckin it's, gavin's father will be in place of andy. >> thanks everybody. we will see you later. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> somebody invest in roads and bridges. if you is have got a business, you didn't build that. >> is president obama's campaign in crisis mode after his gaffe about small businesses? he seems to be singing a different tune this week. >> america says we will give you opportunity but you have got to earn your success. >> laura: we'll debate what's behind the apparent change of heart. >> there are a few things that were disconcerting. >> laura: as the olympics are about to kick off the brits think governor romney went too far in his critique of their preparation. wasn't he just telling the cold hard truth? >> i don't believe a company that speaks out against gay
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rights in our country today should have the opportunity to operate in the city of washington. >> the controversy over chick-fil-a gets hotter as the mayor of boston doubles down on its criticism of the fast food joint. >> you want me to hold the chicken, huh? >> i want you to hold it between your knees. >> we'll have the debate. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. let's get right to the top story u.s. economy came to a screeching halt this spring growing an at anemic rate of 1.5%. and if that wasn't bad enough news for president obama's re-election chances, a new poll from gallup shows that approval of him by american business owners fell in the
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second quarter of 2012 to just 35%. so what will the political fallout be from these reports? joining us now from washington, d.c., economist peter morici and simon rosenberg president and founder of ndna it's a center left think tank. great to he so you tonight. let's talk first peter about these numbers. because, 1.5% seems to be disastrously slow for a g.d.p. growth. we need to grow jobs at about 200,000 per month pace and right now our domestic output is cratering. what say you? >> well, we would have to grow at 3% a month to a quarter, i mean to get the kind of jobs creation we need. this is half that rate. simply consumers lost confidence in the second quarter. they don't believe mr. obama's policies are working. very skeptical about his criticism in the private sector. this is just a terrible report it means more lousy job reports this summer. >> simon, the president came out today with a new ad and it
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debuted on a national television. but, saying i believe, i believe in free enterprise. i believe, that's nice. but the fact of the matter is it looks like free ernesto prize isn't believing in him as it might have two and a half three years ago. >> there is no question that i think barack obama wishes the economy was growing at a more rapid rate and that mitt romney wishes that it was growing at a slower rate. i don't think the economy is growing as fast as obama wants or is doing as bad as mitt romney wants -- >> laura: mitt romney wants the economy to crater. >> laura i'm going to answer your question. >> laura: that's ridiculous but go ahead. >> that's okay. i think the point of this i don't think the economy is growing as fast as obama wants or as slow as mitt romney's campaign needs for barack to get unelected. barack is the latest polling is up by 6 points in the "wall street journal" poll. if the election were held today, he would win. that's the opinion that matters most in the united
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states. the opinion of the voters. and i think what we're going to see now is a debate about what to do now. and i think on those grounds, the balanced obama approach, tax cuts for working people. investments in infrastructure. long term r and d. education and a path to bring the deficit under control is much more what the the economy needs now and much more what voters want. i think he is in a strong position to get reelected. >> laura: simon, do you think what the president has done and pledged his path forward to bring to america, has that come to fruition? >> i think he has gotten a lot more done and there has been a lot more progress than commonly understood. when he took office we were losing almost 700,000 jobs a month. we have now grown for 12 consecutive quarters. there is is growth. it's not sufficient. i'm not going to be polyan issue in about this. >> it's the worst loafer -- recovery we have had. >> it's a recovery. when he came in worst economic conditions in 70 years.
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things are clearly better. they are just not as good as they need to be. >> laura: let me state it in a different way, peter and you react to this. if the president had campaigned in 2008 by the end of our first term voters you have a 1. a g.d.p. rate because my stomach columbus and healthcare plan are going to bring this whole new era ora to the way we are thinking about business in the united states. do you think he would have been elected in 2008 with that campaign platform. >> certainly not folks would have translated that into 8% unemployment rate. this guy did not inherit the biggest hole of any post war president. ronald reagan inherited unemployment mess. 10.4, not the 10% the way it did for mr. obama. at this point mr. reagan had the economy growing at 6%. whereas mr. obama a growing it 2%. he had gotten unemployment down at 7%. mr. obama t about 8%. simply, this guy didn't inherit a bigger mess. what he does his alibi better than anybody i have ever seen.
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>> why is mitt romney not ahead in every single poll and not ahead significantly if in fact things are as bad as you say, peter and said some economists are saying? romney isn't turning this into some big path to victory. at least so far. >> two factors. one he has not done a good job of explaining how he would create jobs. running around the country tax cuts and deregulation reminds folks of george bush. other is he keeps committing these gaffes. we may take his comments about the olympics in context they are just fine. the press takes them out of context it isn't the only mistake he has made. the guy has simply got to do a better job of campaigning and explaining. >> laura: do you think simon by next quarter we will see greater growth. any signs in the horizon to indicate things are getting better and significantly so he? >> yeah i think two things. projections for the third quarter has g.d.p. up over 2% which means that the president will be able to say in that
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final month of the election the economy is getting better. he is not going to say it's great. he has never said that he can say though it's getting better. second thing though i want to agree with peter for a second which is mitt romney's struggle with making sense of things. i mean if you look at what he is saying now about how he wants to create growth. he is saying we have got to get rid of this debt. we have got to unleash the private sector. yet, his own plan for the economy increases the deficit by $2 trillion. look at the 3 things that he is promoting right now. tax cuts, defense increases, rolling back obama care, all of those will explode a hole in the deficit much bigger than what president obama has proposed. so he is not making any sense right now which is one of the reasons i don't think is he connecting with the american people on the basic economic conversation that is so critical for this election. >> laura: i think that the 35% approval rating that barack obama is getting from the business community is quite telling. i mean you can't spin that number. 5 points here, 6 points there but 35%?
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something is not clicking there with obama and the free market. gentlemen, we appciate it thanks so much. up next on the rundown. obama campaign so rattled over the you didn't build it mark singing completely different tune this week. some mayors say they don't want chick-fil-a in their cities because of their stance on gay marriage. is it really any of their business? we're going to debate that we're going to debate that coming up.
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>> laura: in the impact segment tonight, president obama still experiencing blow back after his recent comments about how businesses in america succeed. >> if you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. there was a great teacher somewhere in your life. somebody help to create this unbelievable american system that we had that allowed to
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thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have got a business, you didn't build that. >> after days of attacks from conservatives in the romney campaign, mr. obama seems to be focusing now on individual achievement. >> america says we will give you opportunity but you have got to earn your success young people in beijing and bang bangalor. you know, they are not hanging out. [ laughter ] they are not getting over. they are not playing video games. they are not watching real housewives. [ laughter ] >> laura: who does? who watches real housewives? >> i'm going to say who does? >> laura: i was liking that, actually. why the change of heart. joining us now from
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washington, d.c. rod snyder he is the president of the young democrats of america. here in the studio with me in new york debbie a republic strategist. i'm going to start with you, dee dee. because i'm listening to that, president obama other than the -- they are not getting over. it's like in the house. >> watching real housewives. >> he was talking about personal responsibility and that kind of sounds like more like bill clinton, doesn't it? than the barack obama of, you know, of you didn't build that on your own. >> that was probably the worst statement i think, laura, that he has made because small businesses all over the country said whoa, wait a minute, really? we worked our tails off and we are making money barely in this economy with the circumstances as they are. here is the thing. tonight at the olympics, what is he going to say? you didn't earn that gold medal? really i'm kind of thinking our olympians did. what are they going to do give everybody a silver medal because it's more fair and spread the wealth like he told joe the plumber. olympians are like small business people. there are olympians out in the
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red states and blue states earning their way winning and they deserve to be able to keep what they make. >> laura: they will redistribute the medals. imagine trying to take someone else's gold medal away? rob, get to you here again. because i heard the president speak there. i thought for obama that was pretty good. be more kind of leadership council, more centrist sounding obama than obama that play a sound by the for you. 2009. >> they have to start acting in a more responsible fashion if we are together get this economy rolling again. there will be time for them to make profits and for them to get bonuses. now is not that time. >> laura: i have a question. is it now time to make my profits? kind of teasing there on a friday. is the president feeling the heat from that you don't build it on your own comment? >> look, lauer, give a little
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credit to the romney campaign for basically slicing and dicing his comments a week ago and totally distorting and taking out of context. it's obviously had an effect because we are still talking about it a week later it doesn't make it any more true though. it's very clear that what the president was saying a week ago that private sector to succeed. what's wrong with saying that? that's not contradictory what he said in his speech this week. >> laura: small businesses beg to differ because this new "wall street journal" nbc poll shows the president at its lowest approval rating number among business owners in the united states. aside from this comment which i think was a flash point no doubt about it both sides take these comments and they run with them and they blow them up. there is a feeling in the business community that this
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president is quite hostile to free market difficult it is. he doesn't really understand how difficult it is to start a business, to grow a business, to meet a payroll because he has never had to do that. so there is is a sense among many that he is not getting that go ahead. >> look, my father is a small businessman himself. he has gotten up every morning through the my entire life. employs a handful of folks and he has worked extremely hard to build that and keep those folks employed. also went to a state cleaning. he went to public high school. there is roads that drive right up to his office that he didn't pave and he acknowledges that and he supports the president at the same time. so,. >> laura: rod, i have been dying to ask somebody this question. who do you think does pay for that? >> we do. small businesses. >> laura: we all pay for it. >> 60% of americans who are paying taxes pay for that. and this is -- you know, you can go on this. to me, that's where we are
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here. we all pay taxes. okay? we pay a lot of taxes. i pay about 50% all combined in taxes. >> it really is a difference in philosophy. president obama has been consistent. he wants to spread the wealth and everyone to get the silver medal. he wants to make sure that government is there with the handout. that's a bad philosophy. we are a country of competition and free market. and that's what worked. his philosophy just isn't working. i mean, take a look. tanked, not working. not a pro-business president. is he a community organizer. done very well with that and good singer. when it comes to business this guy is not getting it done. >> rod what do you think about that. i know your dad's politics are. i happened it to have a great privilege of meeting a lot of great business people across the country and a lot of them are not political at all. they are really hurting. they are feeling that nobody -- a lot of them feel like republics and democrats don't get it they are really getting nothing done in washington that brings stability and predictability to the marketplace. they are fed up. they are throwing heir hands up saying both parties aren't
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getting it that's what i'm hearing. >> there is a reason that congress has such an abysmal approval rating it's because they are not doing their job. they refuse to pass the american jobs act that the president put forward. >> laura: is that leadership? i hear you. that's spin from the democrats. if you only pass my plan. the real world is we have republicans running the house. he has to deal with politics as it exists. there is not uniformity in the congress. he has to deal with that. >> talk about mitt romney's record for just a second. you know, that's their alternative right now. he was 47th in the country in job creation. >> laura: worked with democrats miss own state. >> 10% of small businesses dwindled or went away. there was actually fewer small businesses in the state of massachusetts when he left office than when he entered. he has not had a stellar record with small businesses. >> laura: who has more experience in business do you think, rob? if you had someone just to read a spreadsheet, understand payroll, would you go to obama first or would you go to romney? who would you go to?
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>> i certainly would not go to mitt romney with his record as governor in the private sector did not flourish under governor romney. >> he has zero experience in business and it shows in the last three and a half years now that we are failing miserably. go u.s.a., go olympics and go competition. >> laura: great corps tuition. rod and dee dee great to see both of you. some brits have their noses out of joint after mitt romney's off hand comments about their olympics are they just overreacting across the pond? come on. back in a moment.
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>> laura: in the personal story segment tonight, mitt romney's comments about the olympics. some brits are not so jolly after all regarding romney's remarks over london's prep for the games. it's hard to know how well it
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will turn out. there were a few things disconcerting, stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials, that obviously is not something which is encouraging, because in the games there are three parts that make games successful. number one of course are the athletes. that's what overwhelmingly the games are about. number two are the volunteers. they have great volunteers here. number three are the people of the country do they come together and celebrate the olympic moment and that's something we only find out once the games actually begin. british press is going wild over those comments. governor romney did some damage control after being here a couple of days it looks to me like london is ready. of course it is hard to put on games in a metropolitan area. what they have done that i find so impressive is they took the venues and put them right in the city.
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>> laura: brimming with compliments. joining me now to london to respond peter spencer sky news political correspondent. peter, quite the tempest in the british teapot about these comments made by mitt romney after i have been reading for weeks now all the brits were up in arms about the challenges facing the city over the olympics. and he seemed to kind of say what a lot of other people were saying but nevertheless, he got himself into a mess. >> you are absolutely right. he was saying exactly what the british press have been british has been. particularly the problems with transportation and also above all the problems of the private security firm which appeared not to be able to master enough so they had to bring in troops. on the face you think what is their problem? and then the neighbor comes in
1:25 am
and they immediately turn around and they put the guy's lights out for him. we are allowed to be rude about ourselves. almighty outburst from the papers. mitt the twit romney shambles and the best one i think came from the daily tell graph which is a grown up paper for conservative readers. conservative meaning republic leaning. they called him a wazazk charming in the north of england, idiot, dipstick, moron or puppet friendly. >> laura: peter, you should have added poltroon. you could have added all these wonderful phrases. how does this compare, say, to when the first lady gave those cheap poo marine one plastic toys that she got in the gift shot down at the white house to the children of gordon
1:26 am
brown or the dvds that the president gave to gordon brown that didn't even work in the british dvd players or the return of the churchill bust? let's compare gaffes, shall we in diplomatic gaffes? how did they prepare? >> okay. there have been low moments anglo american relations. i think 1775 was a pretty bad one we rather took against the upstart george washington look where it left us. i mean the interesting thing about this is that there are two aspects to it when it comes to the public reaction, i mean there is a bit of a -- has been a bit of a collective sense in the united kingdom that mitt romney has done something on our birthday cake and it's because of the fact that britain tends to love its celebrities and love its sports but is not particularly interested in politics generally. i mean, you know, if mitt romney had said that actually david cammeron is a complete anyone anyone can -- he has gota
1:27 am
point there but with this they are not happy with this at all. have to say more are -- nor are the politicians. >> peter, here is my question though. why does mitt romney think that he is going to go over to london and they are going to love him in london? i don't know any actually thought that pretty much you are going to be as well loved in london if you are mitt romney as you would be speaking at harvard or something. they like the obamas. i mean, you guys feel like the obama mass. you are keen on mrs. obama and she is a delightful person. mitt romney is kind of seen as many of the brits kind of too buttoned up and more like george bush, right? isn't that the sentiment? >> too buttoned up. too like george bush maybe. above all dare i use the expression too lacking in celebrity qualities, star quality, the x factor our show here. it is quite interesting this when it comes to the bad reaction from the british
1:28 am
government in that have been not publicly but privately quite a surprising number of senior members of the cabinet who are, after all, majority of them are conservatives. their natural allies the republicans. saying actually we're supposed to be against obama because of the fact is he a democrat. but actually we certainly not warming to mitt romney. he lacks glamour and also. >> laura: he might have answers but he lacks glamour from the middle of nowhere. all those people in the middle of nowhere who fought in world war ii. let's remember that, david cammeron. that's what i say next time. peter, great to see you. and plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. a fast food chicken chain heated battle with some leftist because owner does not believe in gay marriage. next, president obama is switching things up with a new ad focusing on the positives other than his usual negative attacks on mitt romney.
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>> laura: in the campaign 2012 segment tonight, after months and months of negative attack ads painting romney as a nasty vulture capitalist who shipped jobs overseas president obama is now going positive. >> we're a nation of workers and doers and dreamers. we work hard for what we get. and all we ask for is that our hard work pays off.
1:33 am
i believe that the way you grow the economy is from the middle out. i believe in fighting for the middle class because if they are prospering, all of us will prosper. that's the idea of america and that's why america is the greatest nation on earth. >> laura: wow, so why the change in direction? joining us now from los angeles fox news contributor leslie marshall. and from fort worth, texas, radio talk show star janine turner. we will get to the obama ad in a moment. first, ladies, your response to romney's remarks on the olympics and some of the blow-up, leslie, you can take it away. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, if you come into my house and you say i really hate the way you decorated this place, my first remarks are going to be you know get out and i'm not inviting you back and did i ask you? here is the thing if you are running for president of the united states which mitt romney is, you need to be plight when you are a guest in someone else's home or in this
1:34 am
case city and country. if he is successful in becoming president, he is going to have to work with the united kingdom as our allies in a global economy. in fighting terrorist internationally. this was a dumb move. this was a smart man and this is a very stupid move. open mouth, insert foot. nobo the u.k. mr. romney, when you were doing things in salt lake city, with the olympics and security details, you know, we could use your help. we could use -- this is not diplomatic. >> laura: he was asked what he thought how things were going. i agree. it would have been a better path clearly to say look, i'm just happy to be here. it's all about the athletes. i think that would have been the better path. nevertheless, the idea that mitt romney's perpetually rude, he is probably more polite than most politician in modern times. and you can go ahead with this janine. romney, did he make some grave mistake here or what? >> well, look, i believe he is
1:35 am
a very charming individual. and i believe that governor romney certainly knows how to work with foreign governments. i mean, i don't worry about that at all. i think in this respect, he was talking with them as the form are head of the salt lake olympics. striking immigration and custom officials, that's a bit of a problem with a foreign countries emerging upon london. i just think he was giving his assessment from the olympics from his perspective having been a former head of the olympics. it's a shame that it upset everybody. i don't think he meant it in that way. >> laura: let's move on to the ad now. the president has a new ad out aired during the opening ceremony of the olympics, i believe. you heard it just a moment ago. leslie it seems like he did blow back you don't build it on your own comments rightly or wrongly. obama saw his numbers among business owners plummet just within the last week. what's your reaction? >> i have to say the olympics although we have seen historically politics play out
1:36 am
and even very dangerous and violent, you know, ways with the olympics, i find it refreshing, even though, you know, the mudslinging ads are very popular, they are very effective and that's why both sides do it. i personally don't like them, the olympics are a time when the world actually unites. if only for a few days, we put down our politics, we put down our differences and i think the ad and the timing of it with the olympics at the olympics is essential. one, you want all of the pie when your numbers are this close, not just a piece of the pie when this comes to the voters. and, two, it is a unifying message and a glimpse of, quite frankly, the presidents ha ran last time around. >> certainly sounds more like obama in 2004 than obama 2010. >> i have to say if i can just interject there. i think that the olympics is a time when countries are coming together to put politics aside. >> laura: we should politics -- >> we should put politics aside here in america. no doubt about it, that is a
1:37 am
political commercial. is he hiding behind the middle class. he really wants to choose the winners and losers take from the rich and poor. >> laura: we should tell the swimmers that take some of your gold medals and hand them over to the chinese, okay? is that okay by you? ladies have a great weekend. when we come right back, left wing activists across the country are calling for a boycott of chick-fil-a because its owner believes in traditional marriage. so how is that good for anyone? we're going to debate it coming up.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow up segment tent, a heated battle between a fast food chain and gay rights activists and some liberal politicians. and as you may know, dan cathy, the head of the chicken chain called chick-fil-a recently explained that he firmly believes in traditional marriage. now, the seemingly innocent personal comment has sparked a huge firestorm. >> i don't believe a company that speaks out against gay rights in our country today has the -- should have the opportunity to operate in the state of boston. >> laura: additionally student groups and universities across the country are now seeing others petition to have the popular restaurant removed
1:42 am
from their campuses joining us now from burlington, vermont executive director of truth wins out gay rights group. this has blown up into a big story. dan cathy has run chick-fil-a for a number of years came out and did an interview with this baptist publication and said basically guilty as charged. these are my views. went on. we don't open on sundays, we're a family restaurant. this is what we believe. from that, t ended up exploding in chicago and boston we basically don't want you here. rowm immanned has walked that back. we won't prevent from you opening up a store. if you want to open up a store, open up a store but we disagree with your views. what is your take on this. >> first of all they have given millions of dollars to antigay organizations i find it hypocritical that they would complain about not being able to open up a store. one of the groups they gave money to the family research council said it's the
1:43 am
government's moral duty to legislate morality. now they are complaining that the morality is being legislated in a way that they don't like. unbelievable. and i think a lot of people are incredibly offended not only did he say he is opposed to marriage but he said it would invite god's wrath upon this nation. what does that do to young gay and lesbian children who hear this? they are growing up and hearing these horrible things that are said. people have a right to be really angry and not want to eat their greasy chicken. >> well, lauren, the owner and operator of the chick-fil-a, the one chick-fil-a that exists in chicago. her statement in the "chicago sun times" was that she hires and serves gays with honor, dignity and respect. she invited rahm emanuel to come and discuss the controversy created by the president of chick-fil-a. chick-fil-a has also said we treat everyone who comes into this restaurant with dignity and respect. obviously they have done an enormous amount of charitable
1:44 am
giving and charity work throughout the united states. they run 1600 chick-fil-a restaurants. some in the washington, d.c. area. my concern here, wayne, is that it creates this litmus test atmosphere, right? so i love burlington, vermont. i think it's a incredible place. i probably don't a agree with a lot of the business owners in burlington. people can spend their money any way they want, obviously. i'm not going to ostracize a coffee shop owner in burlington because he disagrees with my position on foreign policy or my position on pro-life issues. i'm not going to do that you have the right to do that. it really has, i think, an ostracizing effect on folks for political views on both sides. that's my concern. >> you want to talk about ostracizing, my marriage isn't recognized in most states. at the federal level my marriage isn't recognize the at all. that's because of people like dan cathy who have turned his chicken shop into a political house. >> laura: how is it a
1:45 am
political house, how is chick-fil-a now a political house when they hire gays, they serve gays, and from what i can tell, they run a pretty amazing company. whether you agree with his views on this. the way the company has been run. seems to be by all accounts quite exemplary. we don't know that i think it would be incredibly uncomfortable to work there as a gay person. i believe i wouldn't be able to go very far in that company. >> laura: that's speculation. you don't have any evidence to suggest that. >> i certainly haven't seen any openly gay people who work there at a high level in the company. that's something i haven't seen. >> laura: wayne, let me play this out. let's go beyond the chicken controversy. i think people already think rahm emanuel pulled back. michael bloomberg said it's not the way to go ostracizing them. he obviously is for gay marriage. what happens if this means for christians and mumples that
1:46 am
they aren't really supposed to be part of public life unless they agree with you, wayne, or other organizations on a whole host of issues. are they supposed to redelete from public life. what do you say to them? are they not whole human beings either? >> quite the on sit. they said over and over again. they want to express themselves in the public square. guess what? this is what the public square looks like. if means if you are going to go and have bigoted policies and say nasty horrible things about people, they are going to respond. so are the majority of americans bigoted people who just happen to believe in traditional marriage? are they all considered bigoted hater people? should we say that about all americans? >> first of all, the majority of americans in almost every single poll over the last year has been in favor of marriage. >> laura: lost almost every state it's going to up in. the facts are the facts. i mean, come on. well, that's not first of all most of those referendums took place a long time ago prior to
1:47 am
this. and i think. >> laura: north carolina wasn't a long time ago. >> north carolina is not exactly the most plicial state under the sun. >> laura: i agree with you on that. you are certainly right on that. >> let's see what happened in washington and maryland and maine and others o. second of all, if i are going to say something nativity i can't understand controversial people are going to respond and fight back. >> laura: can you be a practicing traditional christian in the united states today and speak your mind and not be branded a hater? can you be? >> you can speak and say anything you want but when you put your donations towards banning my marriage and affecting and changing the law to harm me and imposing your views on me, people are gonna respond and fight back. >> laura: i don't think he is imposing his views on you. >> of course they are. millions of dollars bill. >> laura: i think you disagree. >> millions of dollars toward antigay initiatives. millions of dollars toward exgay ministries where they pray away the gay.
1:48 am
>> laura: people can spend their money any place they want. i like to not punish people really for their political differences with me. but that's just my view. wayne, great to see you. thanks for being on with us. >> great to see you. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy and what they said is amazing. over 73 percent who reviewed 5-hour energy said they would recommend a low calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who use energy supplements. seventy-three percent. 5-hour energy has four calories and it's used over nine million times a week. is 5-hour energy right for you? ask your doctor. we already asked 3,000.
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>> laura: in the back of the book segment tonight, a look back at the beach boy's unbelievable career. 50 years ago the band had its first hit, a a song called surfing safari. since then the band has sold hundreds of millions of records and they are still touring. ♪ ♪
1:52 am
♪ >> bill o'reilly spoke to mike love and brian wilson. >> here is not what i'm getting. outside of the beatles, the beach boys have endured the longest as far as people being emotionally attached to their music. that's why you continue to be successful. ♪ i wish they all could be ♪ i wish they all could be california. ♪ i wish -- >> bill: the tour is almost sold out this year. 50 years on the row. you are 97 years old. [ laughter ] >> bill: he is 97. all right? >> yeah, but i look so good. >> bill: it's true. out there in california that's what happens. what is the emotional attachment to beach boys music has to the american people? >> bill: bill we try to do on our songs themes to relate to
1:53 am
people when we started out it was serving because of southern california. it was girls, california girls. it was going to the dance looking for romance. it was surfer girl. it was all these great things going on in our lives. so i think they are going on on millions in lives. we somehow connected through the themes along with the harmonies that's what it is listen to the records over and over again. because they are celebrating their own lives. because every time a song comes on, a flashback comes in. when i was a lifeguard, all right, i was singing sleep john be. ♪ ♪ >> bill: connect to the
1:54 am
american people and when the songs come on they remember the good times in their lives. ♪ wouldn't it be nice to live together. ♪ >> bill: you are going to be 70 years old next week, right? a couple of days. and you wrote surfer girl. personal favorite of the beach boy songs. >> when i was 19. >> bill: 19 years old. can you believe you are still' 0 singing surfer girl? >> i can't believe i survived this long. i'm very proud of surfer girl. >> why do i like it so much? >> pretty a lot of good harmony. ♪ little surfer, little one. ♪ make my heart come all undone. >> bill: you are a genius, you know that, right? >> i have been called a genius. i think another word for genius is clever. >> bill: no, no, no, no, no. you write the lyrics and the music. love is a semi genius, i know
1:55 am
him a little bit better. >> is he a conceptual genius. >> how do you hear that? see, i can't write a song. can i write my script in my books. do you just wake up in the middle of the night and hear hear good vibrations in your head? >> i used to when i was younger, yeah. can i go to the piano and say oh my god i'm on to something good here. ♪ good, good, good, good vibration. >> bill: it just came into your mind the mellowed came into your mind. >> right, the mellowed just popped into my mind. >> bill: that's a gift from god, is it not? ♪ everybody go surfing, surfing u.s.a. >> bill: last question, your brothers, dennis and carl, they are your cousins, your brothers. tremendous talents. when you are oon stage now, do they pop into your mind? >> a lot of times, at every concert at least twice. that's emotional thing. nobody saying god only knows
1:56 am
more beautiful than carl wilson. ♪ god only knows what i would be without you. ♪ if you should ever need. ♪ ♪ >> bill: you guys are part of america. you are part of my life. and you know me, man, i'm a tough guy, every summer i got the beach boys on my radio. your new stuff is just as good as your old stuff. >> thank you. >> bill: if you can catch the beach boys in concert, do so. ♪ good, good, good vibration. >> laura: up next, the best factor tips of the week. you are north going to want to miss this. that's 60 seconds away.
1:57 am
>> a look back at the best of the factor tip of the day from this week.
1:58 am
>> every state has a bureau of consumer protection. find out the phone number and email address of yours, write it down, keep it handy. if you get ripped off, you don't have to take it. but do you have to document the stuff. so here in new york, for example, the consumer protection agency gets back to you within 30 days. so if you are mad as hell about a company or workmanship, stand up. even if you lose the fight, you will be better for the exercise. a few weeks ago, i told you i was cutting back big-time on wheat. look at the labels in your house. you will see wheat in the ingredients because wheat is cheap and it fills you up. here's the tip of the day -- cut back on wheat. a book called wheat belly explains it all. but i can actual that my cholesterol has dropped big time, my indigestion, gone away. so have my allergies. i am not a zealot. if i want a cookie, i eat it, but there are great gluten-free
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cookies out there. there is a drink called xe show side that tastes good with no refined sugar, 75% juice. i drink it every day. here's the web site. if you knock out the soda and replace it with that drink, your health will improve and your teeth will thank you. everybody's telling us what we should not eat. how about a food that makes us stronger? strengthens our immune system? here's good things that are inexclusivive, whield salmon, cinnamon, tomatoes, sauerkraut, almonds and blueberries, which i put on everything, but they don't work well on tuna. i am not trying to force you to eat blueberries. >> james is eat


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